Monday, January 4, 2016

First Gay Mayor of SLC Sworn-in Today

Jackie Biskupski was elected Mayor of SLC in November 2015 with 52% of the votes. She is to be sworn in today around noon.

Utahns have buzzed about her being the first elected gay Mayor in Utah, most in disgruntled voices. Since the outlawing of SSM bans in the US last year, and the enactment of numerous anti-discrimination laws, conservative states like Utah have dragged their feet in recognizing the equality of gay people and gay marriage. Having lost their ability to disallow it, hearing more news of gay people gets the religious right in a tissy-fit.

Biskupski has only lightly mentioned furthering LGBT equality. Most of her platform is focused on wealth distribution for taxes and schools, particularly in the poorer parts of the city. The media can only outline that she is a gay person. Her primary goals reflect the needs of the city, giving the media little room to paint her as one with an LGBT agenda.

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