Friday, July 18, 2014

Tom Daley Makes "Attitude" Headline

Tom Daley Attitude Magazine Cover

by Brig Bagley

18 July 2014

The heart-throbbing diver Tom Daley causes thousands of gays to swoon again as he poses for the cover of "Attitude", a UK gay magazine. 

Tom expresses his support for marriage equality for all in his interview, admitting that yes, he too would like to have a husband and kids. He also hopes his YouTube videos have helped others that are struggling with their sexual identity and other personal issues. 

Tom is currently the lover of screen writer Dustin Lance Black, who is a couple decades his senior. But, this is not an unheard of difference of age between lovers in the celebrity world. As many might agree, the older partner often gives the younger a sense of importance and security.

Posting on Kik, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, Tom Daley certainly appeals to his millions of fans across the world. He is also one of the very few popular athletes to publicly come out. He did do it, however, on his own terms on one of his own posts online. 

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