Monday, July 14, 2014

Utah Appeals 10th District Decision to US Supreme Court

by Brig Bagley

14 July 2014

Bypassing a chance for the entire 10th District Court to review the Amendment 3 case (the recent ruling was by only 3 members of the court), Utah appeals to the highest court in the US, hoping to resolve the case once and for all. Because the court is on hiatus until October, the court won't decide if it will take the case until after then. The soonest it would review and issue a ruling is in May or June of next year, 2015.

Many doubt that SCOTUS will take up the case, arguing that it rarely takes on cases without dissent in lower courts. However, plenty of others believe that because the issue has such an impact on all of the states, it seems like a case it would be interested in weighing in on. Some experts say that SCOTUS will wait to decide to take the case until several lower court decisions have been made, which could delay their ruling an additional year.

The dissent of opinion has mobilized many people to support and advocate their side of the issue. Conservatives sit firmly in their position against SSM, while SSM supporters rally allies to encourage representatives to bring down the gay marriage barriers. Emotions run high as the definition of one's family feels threatened by the opposing party.

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