Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Increased Support for Anti-Discrimination, Religious Exceptions

by Brig Bagley

22 October 2014

The most recent Poll shows that support for non-discrimination bills in the State of Utah has risen since August. But the sway is mostly in people that previously "somewhat opposed" the legislation.

In addition, a majority of Utahns believe that adding a religious exception is necessary. This would mean that any individual would legally be able to openly deny services and housing to someone solely because of their sexuality or gender identity because it is against deeply-held religious beliefs.

Adding this exception would completely undermine the purpose of the bill, since the huge majority of discrimination against LGBT people comes from religious people. It appears that religious people are choosing this one "sin" to be greater than all others, since doing business or housing people that drink, have premarital heterosexual sex, that get divorced, or are unfaithful isn't a problem. Clearly homosexuals are enemy number one for the religious.

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