Monday, October 6, 2014

US Supreme Court Rejects SSM Cases, Immediately Legal for Respective Jurisdictions

by Brig Bagley

6 October 2014

Although anti-climactic, the US Supreme Court's decision to avoid the 5 same-sex marriage cases before it has immediately legalized marriage for same-sex couples in the states that fall under the 5 cases. Marriage licences may be a few days for issued, but all stays pending the SCOTUS's decision are now expired.

This means that Utah must continue to issue marriage licenses, recognize same-sex marriages (local or otherwise), and provide means for adoptions for said couples. Other states included in this monumental decision include Oklahoma, Indiana, Virginia and Wisconsin. The other states within the cases' circuit courts will also be affected.

This now makes SSM legal in 30 states and Washington DC, allowing up to 60% of US citizens to marry the same gender if they choose. There are still several cases in the remaining states that have yet to be heard at the circuit level. These cases may also appeal the US Supreme Court, delaying their respective legalization of SSM until the SCOTUS decides what to take again a year from now. However, their current decision will dissuade appeals to them unless a conflicting ruling takes place.

They might yet take a case in the future, especially if there is a conflict. But for now, most of the US can enjoy the rights and benefits of marriage irrespective of gender.

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