Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Straight Mormon Protests At Traditional Marriage Rally

by Brig Bagley

30 September 2014

Justin Anderson somehow made it into one of the top posted photos of the traditional marriage rally at the Utah Capitol just a couple weeks ago. The anti-gay rally was focusing on de-legitimizing any same-sex marriages and parents to "protect the rights and futures of children." Using pictures of real Utahn same-sex couples, rally speakers slandered the families saying the children will "pay the price" for the unions of same-sex parents.

One of the only protesters at the rally, Anderson held his ground--despite the hateful comments and sneers from some of the traditional marriage supporters. He says that because of the publicity of this particular photo, he has lost friends and has received criticism for his membership as a Mormon and support of marriage equality.

There are many other Mormons that support marriage equality, but fear to stand up for it because of its unpopularity in LDS culture. Not to mention its direct mention by particular apostles of the church.

I attended a previous rally similar to this one. There were plenty of protesters with me at that time. The feeling wasn't quite the same as the rally just the other week (as described by the article), but it was clear there was much discomfort on both sides of the argument. Traditional marriage supporters were uncomfortable with two men holding hands, but we were uncomfortable being surrounded by hundreds of people that believe our lives were inferior and sinful.

May many more straight LDS people take a stand for equality and not let their religion rule the government and inhibit equality in family rights.

Read more here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/tonymerevick/this-straight-mormon-guy-photobombed-an-anti-gay-rally?utm_term=10cd414#1b5n492

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