Monday, September 22, 2014

Gay Families Upset that Traditional Marriage Rally Used their Photos

by Brig Bagley

22 September 2014

At another rally against same-sex marriage, man-woman-only marriage supporters gathered to discuss and celebrate their opposition to the redefinition of marriage. Speaker Mary Sommerhays apologetically used photos from a SSM rally depicting two same sex couples and their children.
Summerhays displayed a picture of a lesbian couple from Salt Lake City holding up their baby girl in a press conference. 
"These children are being created for the purpose of never having a father," a passionate Summerhays told the crowd. "It strains the credibility of the courts to suggest that children must give up their most formative relationships when they get in the way of adult relationships."
When confronted with the use of the pictures to slander the families, she simply responded:
"These photos are from a public pro-gay marriage press conference at the Capitol and were featured repeatedly in the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune beginning as early as Jan. 10 … and illustrate that a child will lose at least one biological relationship when it comes into conflict with a same-sex marriage. Any privacy concerns should be addressed to the many newspapers that featured their stories so prominently and inserted their names repeatedly without my knowledge." 
Executive director of Equality Utah, Marina Gomberg responded:
"It is a disgrace to use our families for a misguided and debunked view of what is best for children. It is one thing to disagree with the freedom to marry; it's quite another to go after loving parents and their children at a political rally. That is not an example of the family values in which Utahns take deep pride."

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