Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anti-Gay Rally At Utah Capitol Thursday

Anti-marriage equality rally to be held Thursday at Utah Capitol Rotunda

by Brig Bagley

16 September 2014

"Celebration of Marriage" (CoM), along with speakers from the Sutherland Institute and the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), have combined to hold a rally at the Utah Capitol at 7pm, Thursday, September 18th. The meeting will focus on "activist judges" overruling the will of the people in Utah. The rally hopes to instill action in Utahns to speck and act against all steps towards marriage equality.

In 2004, Utah voted 66% in favor of banning same-sex unions of any kind. Now up for the Supreme Court of the United States to take, it is possible for a ruling to either strike down all same-sex marriage bans, or to uphold any or all state bans on same-sex marriage. If the latter occurs, states can still vote in same-sex marriage democratically one state at a time. If the first occurs, same-sex couples may marry in any state immediately.

NOM, CoM, and the Sutherland Institute are all traditional marriage supporters that have gone out of their way to prevent any steps towards marriage equality. Religiously based, they believe that their rights to discriminate against a minority alternative lifestyle in personal and business and government situations is violated by legalizing the government sanctioned event of marriage for same-sex couples. They also believe it is wrong for schools to teach that being gay is an OK option. According to these groups, children are best reared with their biological mothers and fathers who are legally married. Any alternative will promote acceptance of deviant and sinful behavior, ultimately destroying the very fabric of society. To take it a step further, these groups are against any policies that protect LGBT from discrimination in housing, work, and school. It is a person's right to exercise their religion in any situation by refusing to associate with an LGBT person.

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