Tuesday, January 27, 2015

LDS Church Speaks at News Conference About Religious Freedom and LGBT Discrimination


by Brig Bagley

27 January 2015

Sooner than expected, the LDS Church has jumped in to make official statements regarding religious freedom and discrimination against LGBTQ in the workplace and housing.

Although none of the statements are new or surprising, it reiterates what it stands for and how it separates public policy from religious liberty. No specifics on existing proposed measures or laws was mentioned, but a general support for city and statewide protections for LGBT people with appropriate exceptions for religions.

Lehi's Jacob Anderegg is proposing a law that would permit not only religious leaders to discriminate against LGBT people based on religion, but state officials and judges as well. Reverend Curtis Price, a Baptist in SLC, says that religious freedom violations are more perceived than real. He does not believe there is any need for further religious protections. Individuals part of minorities are now standing against a religious majority to be just as equal: they are not attacking religion.

The LDS church again asks all parties to discuss the future of any measures with civility and hopes that a reasonable compromise can be reached to peaceful associations between all beliefs.

Read more here: http://www.ksl.com/?sid=33256492&nid=148&title=community-leaders-react-to-lds-church-press-conference-on-religious-liberty-nondiscrimination&s_cid=queue-1



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