Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mormons Openly Living in Mixed-Orientation Marriages

Curtis and Tera, who are in a mixed-orientation marriage, appear in the TLC special "My Husband's Not Gay"

by Brig Bagley

13 January 2015

TLC is broadcasting a special on Mormons living in mixed orientation relationships, meaning one spouse is gay, and one is straight. In all of the cases in this special, the men are gay and married to straight women. There is already a petition with 125,000 signatures protesting the broadcast and asking TLC to cancel it, but it seems TLC is not going to respond to the vehement requests to cancel the show.

One of the men featured in the show, Jeff, was the previous president of "North Star", a group that focuses on living LDS expectations while "managing attractions to the same gender." The men in the show claim to be happy, sexual, and in love with their wives.

Those opposed to the show say that it is not healthy for anyone to live against their natural orientation and that religion is not a good enough reason to do so either.

Read more here: http://radiowest.kuer.org/post/mixed-orientation-marriages-utah




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