Sunday, February 1, 2015

An Outstanding Criticism of LDS Church's Plea for 'Religious Freedom'

by Brig Bagley

1 February 2015

A close friend of mine is exquisite in his arguments and explanations. Jonathan has had a blog for years on-and-off. Recently he has moved from SLC to Maryland, near D.C. and has been regular in his posts. His most recent post criticizes the LDS church's claim to persecution in the LGBT issue, and its call for more religious freedoms.

A few points I thought were meaningful:

  • Mr. Oaks mixed the word "abortion" with "artificial insemination of lesbians" to add a scare tactic to the situation. Since when do lesbians get accidentally pregnant, and when did abortion have to do with any of this?
  • The LDS church claims to be "bullied" in not conforming to granting equality to LGBT groups. But when did you last hear of a Mormon committing suicide because of the oppression of "the gays"? Or a Mormon feels life is unbearable because "the gays" are one step closer to receiving full equality under the law?
  • The "Good Samaritan" is an ironic example of how the LDS Church wishes to walk past the injured man on the side of the road "for religious reasons", just like the priest and the Levite. The man may be "unclean" or too "icky" to help, so the LDS church would like to have legal permission avoid providing its help and offering its services to the man (in this case, a gay man).

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