Thursday, February 12, 2015

LDS Critic John Dehlin Excommunicated for 'Apostasy'

by Brig Bagley

12 February 2015

John Dehlin has been at odds with the LDS Church and its leadership for years. Not wishing to be excommunicated, but not surprised it took place, he celebrates his freedom from adhering to the LDS leader's teachings and following their policies.

Dehlin's actions didn't take center stage for the LDS head leaders until he publicly criticized them for still proclaiming their opposition to ordaining women to the priesthood and permitting same-sex marriages: two topics that Dehlin also tended to focus on in his podcasts, "Mormon Stories." Dehlin believes that questioning authority and policies is healthy, especially when it comes to the diversity that exists in the church and should be better addressed. Simply "having faith" is not enough of an answer for Dehlin.

Dehlin also no longer fully believes in some of the core doctrines, such as the Book of Mormon as the 'word of God' and the LDS Church as being the only 'true' authority of God on the earth. What ultimately led to his excommunication were his perpetual attempts at declaring and gathering others to criticize the LDS church through informational dissemination online.

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