Friday, May 22, 2015

BSA Leader States Gay Leader Ban "Unsustainable"

In a recent national conference for BSA in Atlanta, BSA President Robert Gates told listeners that groups in NYC and other cities are starting to defy the ban, and that continuing to support the policy was "unsustainable". Given the national weather (and world weather) on gay rights and equality, BSA might see itself socially ousted if it doesn't match the progress. Currently, if a scout leader is discovered to be actively gay, he/she is immediately removed. Boys in the program can be openly gay, but discussion of it or acting on it within the program is forbidden.

Mr. Gates said that no policy changes would occur at the conference, but that it is likely for changes to be made that allow local groups to decide whether to permit or deny openly gay men as leaders.

The LDS Church has been one of the largest supporters and sustainers of BSA for decades. If the Mormons decide to withdraw from BSA as a result of unacceptable policy changes, BSA might find itself struggling to its end. But if the policy permits local groups to decide to keep the ban, the LDS church will certainly do so, probably estranging itself from other groups or camps that include units that reject the ban.

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