Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mormons Building Bridges (MBB) has been denied participation in the "Days of '47" parade in SLC for the second year in a row. MBB is a group of believing and adhering Mormons that stick with church policy, yet promote the full inclusion of LGBT people in church activities. They also promote civil and positive discussions among Mormons concerning LGBT people. They do not take a stance on SSM, nor do they officially approve of actions that go against Mormon principles.

The parade is an annual recognition of Mormon pioneers for the state holiday "Pioneer Day." Because the parade organizers take their orders for the privately funded event from the Mormon contributors, they denied MBB participation on the grounds of "advocating", which is against parade policy.

MBB had a theme of "LGBT Pioneers of Utah", to express the inclusion of the LGBT residents of Utah and the major obstacles they have had to overcome to be included and recognized in the state. Since Utah now has legal same-sex marriages, and it recently passed an anti-discrimination law for the state protecting sexual preferences and gender identity in most housing and workplace situations, it was a disappointment to hear that the parade organizers are still hosting an event of exclusion, instead of inclusion. MBB has participated in the annual Gay Pride Parade for a couples years now, growing each year.


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