Monday, June 1, 2015

Mormon Apostle Perry Dies; Questionably LGBT Friendly

Mr. Tom Perry, a Mormon Apostle, 92 and one of the eldest and most senior Mormon leaders, died this weekend from cancerous complications.

Perry was always seen as a positive smiley person on the Mormon Conference Center Pulpit. But his involvement in politics and LGBT related news makes him notable in a different way. He was involved in the SB296 bill that added anti discrimination in Utah's housing and employment. It was clear to many that he supported litigation that protected LGBT people as well as religious liberties. He was one of several that defined their support in such a manner.

Perry's positive reviews with gay people all but rusted away when his last Mormon General Conference talk in April warned listeners of "the dangers of alternative and counterfeit lifestyles", which many LGBT people took as an attack. Although talks are usually worded in a very general way to make the target they paint on themselves more blurry, Perry's son stated that the wording in the talk may have taken on "more meaning than he intended".

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