Friday, June 12, 2015

Delta, Utah Gay Man Terrorized : UPDATED

Rick Jones

Rick Jones, owner of pizzeria "Grand Central Station" in Delta, Utah, and his family, have been the victims of a string of terrorizing events. Assault, vandalism, slander, theft, and attempted arson are just a few of the crimes committed against Jones and his family. The events have been grossly under-reported by the media, as the anti-gay hate crimes are often taboo in small conservative towns like Delta.

Jones reported being knocked out near closing his restaurant and came to realizing his assailant attempting to force him to drink bleach. There was also cut into his arm, the words "Die Fag". The same words were graffiti-ed on his family's home garage, and yelled at him as a flaming cocktail was thrown through a window of the home. His pizzeria was burglarized, vandalized, and robbed the same day.

The Delta Sheriff's department has no leads but is intent on finding the perpetrators involved in these terrible hate crimes.


According to police reports, the hate crimes were allegedly staged by Jones as a "cry for help", as stated by attorneys. Although residents of Delta are relieved that there appears to be no one committing such crimes, it pains them that Jones was staging them. Whether the crimes were staged or not, Jones will likely need serious counseling. It would be a sad "crying wolf" situation for hate crimes against gay people, taking away serious consideration in cases where it might be true.


  1. A Go Fund Me campaign is accepting donations to help Rick, his family and business recover from the brutal attacks on each. Donations will go directly to Rick.

  2. Are you going to update this story?

  3. Are you going to update this story?