Friday, June 19, 2015

Utah. Sen. Mike Lee: We Want to Legally Criticize SSM

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Utah Senator Mike Lee has again introduced a bill to provide excuses for individuals, companies, and institutions to discriminate. The bill wasn't heard last year, just as all other bills in the same-sex marriage genre.

In essence, the law allow people to discriminate again based on their "deeply held religious beliefs" that same-sex marriages/unions/partners are sinful. This is a result of the bill preventing the government, state or federal, from penalizing anyone in the form of tax exemption removal, contract, license, or certification denial.

Although holding the beliefs that someone's marriage is bad and less valid than yours is a given right in the states, this law will perpetuate the thought that discriminating, whether intentional or not, is OK. Anyone who believes that same-sex marriage is evil is going to naturally discriminate against those who have one (or are gay, most likely).

The laws in place already protect religions from having to perform SSM. People are already protected from retribution for holding negative beliefs concerning SSM. Mr. Lee is going too far to slap Utah LGBT citizens in the face by saying, "Since we can't stop you from getting married, we're going to make sure we can legally criticize you as much as possible."

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