Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kentucky Clerk Uses God to Refuse SSM Licenses

Kim Davis of Rowan County, KY believes it is her right to invoke the authority of God and impose her conscience on others by refusing to provide marriage licences to same-sex couples. Since the SCOTUS ruling, she has refused to issue any licences, same-sex or not. Four couples have sued her for failing to perform her duties as a clerk.

Many argue in favor of religion and God to rally behind Davis for holding true to her faith. But protesters argued that she should be fined for not doing her full job, and is yet paid a whopping $80k a year. The lawyers fighting Davis say she should be fined onerously, not jailed, since she is getting paid so much for a job she is refusing to perform properly.

Federal Judges have ruled she must conform to the law. The SCOTUS refused to intervene, meaning the lower courts' decisions hold and Davis has no legal hold on her beliefs.

Many believe that it is an attack on religious people that SSM proponents cannot accept religious views in cases like this, but that SSM supporters are forcing their beliefs on the religious. But the counter argues that beliefs are beliefs, and when they conflict with the law, they cannot be defended. Holding a belief is one thing, but actions that impose those beliefs on another is not a legal right.

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