Friday, July 31, 2015

Opinions: Tax Exemptions for Anti-Gays

Ultra Mormon and conservative US - Utah Senator Mike Lee has questioned the IRS about the possibility of tax-exempt status being stripped of religious institutions for their beliefs on same-sex marriage.

IRS representatives have committed to not take action or lawsuits up against anti-gay religious institutions--for now. It may be a couple years, but it is foreseen to be an issue in the future.

Religious institutions are not ever (as we see the law now) going to be forced to marry any couple. But there are other religious institutions, such as schools, that hold religious beliefs and have and still will punish students for violating certain moral codes. The greatest example here at home: BYU.

BYU schools are known to investigate the personal lives of students. Roommates, friends, and even family have turned in students to the "Honor Code Office" to rat out people that were seen drinking, smoking, or committing "sexual sin". One of the largest remaining witch hunts is for active homosexuals. If there is even one witness to a homosexual activity, a full investigation on that student often leads to expulsion and sometimes withholding of academic records. Such an event can ruin any person's future.

But BYU wants to reserve the right to meter punishments for such things. It also wants to keep its federal funding and ties. Can both exist? Can you have a legal right to discriminate in this situation and still be tax-exempt?

Most conservatives believe "yes". They believe they are being targeted for holding these beliefs. But aren't they targeting people they merely "believe" to be wrong?

Here is my response to one who thinks they are wronged by being stripped of their ability to judge another:

As much as I think your view is inhumane, you believe mine is "evil". So whatever. You are welcome to hold your opinion. As am I. But if you kick me out of a school or directly cause me harm verbally or physically because I am gay or have married my partner legally, you betcha I will fight against your government protected religious privileges. I would expect you to retaliate similarly if I disrespect you, slander you, or physically harm you for holding your belief as well.
This is NOT about the "gay agenda". How insulting. Can you possibly imagine the hate, fear, and emotional pain of a gay person hiding their identity because people like you condemn them to hell for having such feelings? The young people depressed and committing suicide because they would rather die than have their family reject them?
This is about changing attitudes so that one can live who they are without society belittling them to animals. You don't have to participate, but you MUST respect them and allow them to live their life. You are not violating your religion by providing services to people that you think are "sinning". It is not your right to decide who deserves to receive your service or product. The gays are not infringing on your rights. You are just upset that you now have to share your rights with them. Shame on you.

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