Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Utah Majority Still Opposes Gay Marriage

Recent polls show that support for gay marriage in Utah is down, lower than earlier this year. The Supreme Court ruling has spiked strong opinions concerning the matter. Most people, other than a small margin of 25-34 year-olds, strongly oppose the ruling. Many also support protections for people and businesses that wish to discriminate against gays for situations like wedding photographers, bakeries, and counseling.

Many on both sides argue that a poll is meaningless. SSM supporters reiterate the great judiciary branch of government we have is what prevents the tyrannical rule of the majority and provides us with the unique blend of our democratic republic. Anti-gay groups say that a poll doesn't affect a child's "right" to have a mother and father.

It's not surprising that there is such a push against the ruling of such a controversial topic. Over time, the support will settle at a strong majority, even in Utah, as the integration and equality of contributing LGBT citizens becomes the norm.


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