Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BSA to Lift Gay Adult Ban

Boy Scouts of America has unanimously approved a new policy that removes the organization-wide ban on openly gay adults as leaders. The move will go on to the board for ratification.

The LDS church is one of the biggest sponsors and partners with BSA, and stated that it has always had and expects the right to choose what leaders it believes are "moral" for the position, according to its religious expectations.

The move allows any approved charter to have parents and organizers select the leaders they deem appropriate for their groups. If a group votes to allow gay men and women as leaders, they are now allowed to do so. The LDS church is not expected to allow openly gay people into its unit, as the LDS church still considers homosexuality a "serious sin".

BSA in 2013 approved the admission of openly gay teens into scouting, but the LDS church handles such cases in its own way within its organization.

There are several cases where leaders have been expelled from the program due to information leaking to BSA that the leader was gay. Hopefully this move will pass and those who which to support the program, regardless of sexual orientation, are able to do so in groups where they are accepted as equals.


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