Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Same-Sex Parents Can Adopt Like Opposite-Sex Parents in Utah UPDATED

A federal judge recently ruled that same-sex couples should be treated exactly the same as opposite-sex couples in Utah. Roe mothers Tami and Angie have been working through the difficult system of step parent adoption Utah has in place and have waited for months for the protection of both their names listed on their child's birth certificate.

Now all couples, male and female of any combination can adopt non-genetic children legally and have both parents' names on the birth certificate.

The state may challenge this ruling, but it is unlikely due to the legality of SSM in the SCOTUS ruling. Utah has already spent $1.2 million defending its failed Amendment 3 that banned same-sex marriage.


Utah has decided to not appeal the court ruling granting the Roes the right to have both mothers' names on their child's birth certificate. This solidifies the opportunity for all same-sex couples to be legal parents of any and all children of theirs.

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