Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LDS Issues Strong Opposition to Gay BSA Leaders

It's official. And immediately. Gay men and women are allowed to participate in the BSA volunteer program if their charter chooses to select them. And despite a group's ability (also part of the new policy) to still deny it based on sexual orientation, the LDS Church cries foul and is going to re-examine its relationship with the program.

BSA knew it couldn't sustain the policy given the weather of the social changes concerning LGBT people. But the LDS church is still one of the largest associates of the program, and it's separation from it may lead to its decline.

There is already another program that started in protest to allowing gay boys in BSA called Trail Life USA, with about 25k members already. It wouldn't be surprising if Mormons create their own program, join Trail Life USA, or upgrade their "Duty to God" program to mimic BSA.


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