Wednesday, July 1, 2015

LDS Church Addresses SSM to Members

The LDS Church issued a statement reiterating its support for traditional marriage following the June 26th ruling of the Supreme Court. Now the high leaders of the church will be sending announcements to each congregation for leaders to read and instructions for local leaders on how to move forward with the new law. Some important points will be as follows:

Same-sex marriages will not be performed by LDS leaders.

Same-sex marriage events, including receptions or otherwise, will not take place in LDS meetinghouses.

If members have concerns with the Church's policies on SSM, they should address it to their leaders. If leaders have concerns, they should contact their general authorities.

Although people have differences, everyone is welcome to attend LDS meetings and is expected to be treated with respect by church members, so long as they respect the LDS standards of conduct while there.

It is no surprise that the LDS church is making it publicly known that the laws of the land do not change the laws of "God". The church did participate in the new nondiscrimination laws for LGBT people in Utah. However, the stark opposition to same-sex marriage in the church will still perpetuate negative feelings and stigmas LDS members hold against LGBT people.

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