Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SLC Mayor Biskupski Bans City Travel to NC, MS; Invites Business to Relocate to SLC

Newly elected SLC Mayor Jackie Biskupski has issued an executive order banning any newly planned city sponsored trips to either Mississippi or North Carolina, both states who have signed in laws that have banned protections for LGBT, emboldened discrimination in the workplace, or force trans individuals to use the public bathrooms of their gender at birth.

Biskupski states that SLC is inclusive, and the Utah's anti-discrimination law passed last year has the backing of the LDS church, known for its anti-LGBT policies. The mayor says she wants to lead cities for change in providing equality and safety. Any measures against this cause, like in MS and NC are for political reasons and aren't good for those states.

Biskupski invites businesses in those states to move to Utah, and has or will send specific invites to particular major companies, like PayPal. Although these anti-gay laws are unfortunate, Biskupski says that our forward thinking in Utah will give us an economic advantage.

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