Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tennessee Trying to Mimic NC's Bathroom Bill

Tennessee has on Gov. Bill Haslam's desk a new legislation that would be similar to the "bathroom bill" of North Carolina. Under everyone's noses, and expedited with special sessions, North Carolina became one of the first states to undermine LGBT progress with a sweeping bill that eliminates all local conflicting laws. But North Carolina's law didn't stop there--in addition to requiring all citizens to use the bathroom of their birth gender (no neutral bathrooms allowed), it "Trojan-horsed" wording that prevents employees from using state courts to battle discrimination laws. Employees can still use the federal courts, but access to them is much more difficult. The result is less protections from discrimination for LGBT, race, religion, etc.

Before signing the bill, Gov. Haslam of Tennessee is considering the warnings of his Attorney General--those of losing federal funds for public schooling since the bathroom bill would undermine federal law that protects LGBT people. In addition, like in many other states, several large companies, like Disney, Delta, NFL, and Coca-Cola have threatened boycotting a state that induces discrimination by law.



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