Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kansas is Last State to Strike Down SSM Ban in 10th District

In this photo provided by Liz Dickinson, Kelli, left, and Angela pose for a picture after their wedding ceremony at the Johnson County Court House in Olathe, Kan., Friday, Oct. 10, 2014. (Liz Dickinson-Snyder/

by Brig Bagley

5 November 2014

Yesterday, a federal judge struck down Kansas' ban on SSM, making it the final state in the 10th District Circuit to do so. Kansas has a week to appeal the decision (which was put on hold), for which the state Attorney General plans to do. Since the 10th District Court has already affirmed that the bans were unconstitutional for both Utah and Oklahoma, they will likely not take the case. Similarly with the US Supreme Court when the state again appeals to it. However, it is not guaranteed.

The appeals process will make Kansas wait even longer to appreciate the freedom to marry irrespective of gender. But the writing is on the wall... each state will go through this process and legalization of SSM will come around one state at a time.

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