Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Republicans Reign over Senate and House

by Brig Bagley

5 November 2014

The elections yesterday ended in a super win for republicans. Now a majority of republicans in both the House and the Senate, President Obama faces great opposition. We will see more republican legislation pass in both the house and the senate, as well as Obama using his veto often. The republican agenda will repeal much of Obama's healthcare act, add more corporate kick-backs, and cut many other government-spending programs. Obama will also face difficulty in lifetime judicial appointments, especially in the US Supreme Court.

Although the opposition in the legislative and executive branches will most certainly rise, checks and balances will continue to rule the country. It will be an interesting two years for Obama's final term as president. Since it is common for the parties to take turns in the White House, we may face a republican super majority in all areas of government in 2016--a complete switch from democratic control in 2009.

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