Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Utah Pays Out to SSM Plaintiffs

Plaintiffs Tony Milner and Matthew Barraza leave federal court on Wednesday after arguments in a lawsuit over recognizing same-sex marriages in Utah.

by Brig Bagley

26 November 2014

The state of Utah has agreed to pay the legal fees for the lawyers that represented the plaintiffs in the two cases regarding SSM in Utah. These lawyers knew there was a possibility that either they would lose the case, or that the state would refuse to pay the legal fees upon a win. To their satisfaction, Utah has settled with $95K, nearly half of the $200K request. In addition, Utah will be obligated to recognize SSM indefinitely, unless the SCOTUS overturns the ruling in the future.

This means that in addition to the $200K the state spent on fighting same-sex marriage, it now has spent $95K, totaling $295,000 of tax-payer money going to the cases concerning SSM. On the plus side, the issue is finally resolved in Utah. Any changes (very unlikely) would be a result of federal intervention.

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