Monday, March 23, 2015

Anti-LGBT Religious Conf. to be Held in SLC, LDS Leaders Involved

Scheduled for October this year, an annual conference will be hosted in SLC supporting anti-LGBT and women's health notions. The "World Congress of Families" will be focusing on "religious liberty" this year. Past conferences have included leaders of several extremely anti-gay groups as key speakers: "National Organization of Marriage", the "Eagle Forum", "Focus on the Family", and the "Family Research Council". Past speakers have also been apostles of the LDS church. Since Salt Lake is the host of the conference this year, it wouldn't be surprising if several LDS leaders speak.

The LDS Church has had a recent swing of opinions on policy.The Prop. 8 failure in California and the failed Amendment 3 defense in Utah have surprisingly led to the promotion of anti-discrimination for LGBT people. 

Whether it's to mend its reputation, or its another proclaimed revelation, LDS members are left in confusion as to do as the Church says, or as the Church does--since the LDS church does not have to (and will not) abide by the new anti-discrimination laws it itself officially supported. Other members are praying for confirmation and testimony that this new request to not exclude LGBT people from public activities is something their hearts can be softened to accept. (What?!?!). 

It will be interesting to see what leaders will say at this conference, let alone their own "General Conference" meetings this April and October. Perhaps they will avoid the topics altogether.

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