Friday, March 6, 2015

Utah Senate Panel Passes Anti-Discrimination/Religious Freedom Bill

The Utah senate panel that heard the SB296 Bill that supported a balance of anti-discrimination for LGBT people and a protection of religious liberties passed unanimously just yesterday. It will be debated on the Utah senate floor today. The bill has the support of Gov. Gary Herbert and the LDS Church, along with countless others that worked hard in contributing to the language of the bill. The bill can be passed and signed in either in its entirety, or not at all.

Not everyone is perfectly happy with the bill. LGBT advocates would probably wish to stifle any negative words and actions against LGBT people, or even have the right of firing them for a their hateful beliefs.

On the flip side, religious people would prefer to be given any right to refuse any public or private association with LGBT people, in essence, legislating their belief into law, forcing gay people to remain quiet and suppressed.

Both sides had to compromise, and in general, people are satisfied with these protections. This is a big win for LGBT and religious folks, as for the first time both worked together to find a proper and fair solution. It is was a rare scene for the LDS church and its leaders to back a law before it was even put to a vote.

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