Tuesday, March 24, 2015

California Lawyer Proposes Death to Gays Ballot Measure

LGBT flags San Francisco City Hall

Although it will not pass, either due to California Supreme Court intervention, not enough signatures, or not voted in by citizens, it is disturbing that a lawyer thinks its appropriate to initiate such proposals.

Several ballot measures are proposed each year, up in the hundreds recently. But only a few get the needed signatures.

The measure allows for legal government executions for any person that touches the genitals of someone of the same gender for pleasure. It allows citizens to execute gays on their own if the government takes too long. It prevents gay Supreme Court members from striking down the measure. It prevents citizens from promoting rights for gay people if the group contains minors. It requires the law to be posted in public classrooms.

It all sounds loony, but this lawyer and his "Sodomite Repression Act" are serious. Orange County attorney Matt McLaughlin paid the mere $200 to start the process, where CA Attorney General must title and summarize the law. State legislatures are attempting to get the California Bar to disbar Mr. McLaughlin for not adhering to "good moral character".



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