Thursday, June 19, 2014

Adoptions, Adoptions, ... Gay Adoptions?

by Brig Bagley

19 June 2014

LDS Family Services has for many years acted as a venue for LDS people to adopt children. My own brother is a product of this agency. Operated by the LDS Church, many adoptions are heavily subsidized in order to provide affordable adoptions to Mormon families. Recently, LDSFS has decided to remove its adopting services to now only provide family counsel. Although it will complete the adoptions in progress, it will slowly move away from providing the connection between birth mothers and adopting families.

LDSFS says that the social acceptance of single parent families and unwed couples, it has decided that it can no longer offer the services it once did. Adoptions dropped from 600 to 200 in a year since 2007. It claims that the social issues of same-sex marriage and father's rights have nothing to do with the change. But it is uncanny timing to make them.

Although LDSFS would place the child of any mother, regardless of race or religion, it would only place children in active LDS homes. The typical active LDS home is also very white. LDSFS has also been known to strong arm mothers into giving their child to them by convincing them that the child has a better chance at life in an LDS home. And heaven forbid a same-sex couple be the recipient of a child.

Although the biggest issues seem to be related to the high cost of other adoption agencies, it does seem that the agency is avoiding the support of non-traditional families.

Another story lately is that of a Texas gay couple that just received twin boys. Each fathered an egg, both of which took in the woman they were planted in. Now that the boys are born, the two, new young fathers want their family to be protected by the government.

Unfortunately, not only did a judge rule that the fathers cannot cross-adopt the boys, but the children's birth certificates cannot be altered to have both men as parents. In fact, neither father was placed on either birth certificate.

It seems that gay rights are still on an upward battle, all hinging on the results of the same-sex marriage cases across the country. Hopefully, some day soon, LGBT families can be seen as equal in the law. And maybe that will help disseminate the social acceptance and equality for these families.

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