Monday, June 9, 2014

Utah Pride Festival and Parade

by Brig Bagley

This year, over 140 entries (7-9 thousand participants) and an estimated 30,000 people attended the 2014 Utah Pride Parade. The largest entry was by far, Mormons Building Bridges, with about 450 participants. LGBT, straight, adult, and children alike attended the parade and festival.

The entire 4-day event was granted beautiful weather and countless family events. The festival Saturday-Sunday drew thousands. Booths were set up for supporting companies, political groups, and support groups to cater to the diversity of attendees. The attendance was even estimated to be a greater heterosexual population than LGBT. 

The two headliners for the festival music performances were by Betty Who (whose popularity grew with the Home-Depot proposal YouTube video of two gay Utah men that featured her song, "Somebody Loves You"), and growing gay icon, Steve Grand (whose YouTube video "All-American Boy" has gathered over 3 million views). 

Library Square was a new addition to the festival, as well. Additional artists and a new stage was placed on the square, while The Leonardo museum offered free admission to some of its exhibits to festival attendees. 

With lots of food, beer, sun, music, and colors, the event brought smiles to thousands and would certainly be considered a success.  

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