Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Will Gay Marriage Case Make it to US Supreme Court?


by Brig Bagley

4 June 2014

Utah politicians are split on whether the US Supreme Court will take the marriage equality case or not. Utah Republican Senator Brian King says that the Supreme Court usually only takes cases for which there is federal circuit courts rule differently. A judicial split is a common "vehicle" to taking a case all the way up to the top. But Utah Solicitor General Bridget Romano believes that the marriage case is heavy enough of a topic for the Supreme Court to take on and make a historic ruling.

If the Supreme Court takes the case, it will almost definitely rule in line with its rulings of last year, as well as in line with the 14+ other federal rulings in the least few months. The details of the ruling are uncertain, but it would most likely mean the legalization of gay marriage in all circuits involved with the rulings, as well as the recognition of all gay marriages across the whole country. 

If the Supreme Court does not take the case, or any of the others, each district will individually have legalized marriage equality with details distinct to the respective cases. The final word for each of these cases will come from the federal appellate courts if the federal judge rulings are appealed by the respective states. The ruling for Utah's Amendment 3 appeal case could be released at any time. 

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