Thursday, June 5, 2014

Utah Decides to Appeal Ruling that Recognizes Utah's Same-Sex Marriages

by Brig Bagley

5 June 2014

The Governor's and the Attorney General's office have agreed to spend more Utah taxpayer money to appeal Judge Dale Kimball's ruling that Utah should recognize the gay marriages that took place during the legal window. Here are some comments on the KSL story and my rebuttle:

1. @kiwistone:

I agree! Shelby made the mistake! If same-sex couples need rights, give them rights under re-written laws that allow "Civil Unions", but don't call them marriages! Same-Sex Couples deserve rights, and to be treated civilly as much as do the rights of opposite-sex couples. "Marriage" should be between a man and a woman. I know the following is not new info; but, there is a difference between same-sex couples, and opposite-sex couples, one can Procreate one cannot, this is the fundamental difference. Do not let the World (or corrupt judges) keep trying to overrule the Highest Court, our Creator. Redefining Marriage isn't fair to those of us who hold it Sacred.

My response:

Not all hetero couples can (or even choose to) procreate, should they be denied marriage? Why does the word "marriage" make a difference? Calling it something else but attempting to give the same rights is a failed system called "separate, but equal." And if the world as a majority starts supporting (as it already has) LGBTQ rights, isn't that the democratic system that you're complaining was overruled by a "corrupt" judge? But that's not the way our system works. Judges are in place to review law and decide if it's constitutional or not. 14+ federal judges say no. None have said yes, so far.


Allow the recognition of same sex unions, and privileges that come with marriages, But not the right to marry here in this state. They can go marry somewhere else and then come back. Therefore you are not denying them their rights.

Some may think this is a hassle, but you got to understand that this state was made with God in mind. This state stands because they were persecuted for their beliefs in Christ. Now you want to spit in their faith and preach equality. Please be respectful to the pioneers who walked here to be free from getting their faith spit on.

People keep forgetting, just because times change. The scriptures don't.

My response:

If marriage is so sacred, than why don't you call it something else in your religion that separates it from the world? How about... a sealing, maybe? Isn't that what LDS people do to "sanctify" an eternal marriage? Rule your religion independently. Don't bring it into government.

What difference does it make if they marry outside, then come back? You're still going to have legally married gay people as neighbors, co-workers, and customers. It's pointless. There are thousands of people that waited to get married here... over 1,300 couples in just 2 weeks. People born and raised here want to marry HERE.

How does your religion suffer from marriage equality? Your churches will not be required to marry gay people. Nor your temples. You are not required to marry someone of your gender. But, if someone did, there will be government institutions that will permit it. Please tell me how that affects you.

And you say scriptures don't change, but they do. The bible is a huge conflict in itself. Christ even said in the NT that the laws of the OT were no longer valid. The D&C also changes bible law. The D&C itself was amended twice. Don't LDS people call the scriptures "living scriptures", because the prophet can make an announcement to change it all in an instant? Your post is so confusing.

3. @htfsman

Where were all these people whining about wasting tax payer money when the gays were suing the State of Utah. It was the gays that filed suit against the state first. The state is just defending itself against what the gays initiated.

If all these people are so worried about what it is going to cost the state to fight this, they should have been on here complaining when the gays first filed their law suit.

Apparently they are only against wasting tax payer money after the fact, but it is just fine to waste tax payer money litigating the initial suit.

My response:

"The Gays" did not spend a dime of taxpayer money. They raised their own money to defend their cause. I think the "religious people" should raise the money to pay for the State's defense... if that's who they back.

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