Thursday, August 28, 2014

Both Sides of Gay Marriage want US Supreme Court to Hear Case


by Brig Bagley

28 August 2014

Virginia and Oklahoma are two other states in line with Utah for the US Supreme Court. Each state has received confirmation from their respective federal district courts that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional. Although the appeals to the US Supreme Court are coming from the SSM opponents, supporters believe that the highest court is the best vehicle to finally decide the issue for the entire nation. Given the record as of yet, it would not be surprising if it is in favor of SSM.

There hasn't been one federal ruling against gay marriage since the end of DOMA in 2012. There have been several split decisions, however, with one dissenting opinion opposing SSM. Although the dissents are muffled in the exclamations of joy in the decisions, conservatives and the religious clutch to and praise the few dissents that occur throughout the rulings--hoping that the US Supreme Court reflects those opinions instead.

Several amicus briefs are expected to be filed in order to convince the high court to take the case. Within a week, the plaintiff's brief is due. Utah's was extended for a month. At the end of September, high court justices will start reading the petitions for the case. It will decide whether to take the case sometime in October, a decision that only takes 4 justices to approve.

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