Thursday, August 7, 2014

Research States 40% of Homeless Children are LGBT

by Brig Bagley

7 August 2014

Reliable research has strong evidence to believe that over 40% of all homeless children are LGBT. Despite the growing acceptance of gays among the younger generations, parents still have trouble understanding and accepting it--forcing their kids on the streets to face hunger, homelessness, rape, disease, and sometimes death.

Surveys in shelters do not ask about sexuality currently, but recently, they have added a question about transgender. So it is hard to gage too accurately the percentage of homeless LGBT in the nation, but shelter staff and similar employees see this demographic in their work.

Utah is known to match this number, as LDS people are encouraged to "cut off" the offensive aspects of their lives. The church has, however, emphasized recently that estranging children is a higher offense to God than to keep the perceived evil around them.

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