Friday, August 8, 2014

Same-Sex Marriage Case Plaintiffs Ask SCOTUS to Hear Utah's Appeal

by Brig Bagley

8 August 2014

The plaintiffs for Utah's Amendment 3 Case wrote to the US Supreme Court asking it to hear the case appealed by Utah. Although it seems unusual that the two sides are in agreement, it is in hopes for two different things. 

Utah believes its right to define marriage is not unconstitutional by the 14th Amendment and asks the SCOTUS to answer the question as to whether it is or not. SSM supporters believe it is unconstitutional to ban SSM and that there should be a ruling that applies nation-wide. This way, all of the US can enjoy the opportunity to marry another consenting adult of their choice, male or female.

With so many cases across the nation and so many voices vehement about their opinions of the issue, it is unlikely for the SCOTUS to not get involved. The question is when they will take it up. We could have a ruling in less than 10 months. Or it could be up to 2-3 years away. 

In any case, both sides wish to have the question answered once and for all. With the momentum in favor of SSM rights, it appears that gay couples will most likely be awarded the right to marry.

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