Monday, August 11, 2014

Nepal Exclaims its Gay Pride

by Brig Bagley

11 August 2014

Unbeknownst to many, Nepal has made significant progress in securing approval and rights for LGBT citizens. Today, supporters of the gay community marched on the capital. Traditionally celebrated as a Hindu day of the dead, this holiday has become the excuse for gay pride in the country. 

In 2007 the law decriminalized homosexuality, the most important advancement for gays. Other protections have been put into place as well, but the community is pushing for full legalization of same-sex marriage. The median age in the country is 21, with well over one third of its citizens under the age of 14. The younger generations have been vital in pushing for progress while respecting the history and culture of the nation.

Many, of course, still oppose the break from the long-held traditional marriage definition, but LGBT supporters are optimistic that the support of their legislators and Prime Minister will follow through within the year to provide the protections and equality they desire.

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