Monday, April 6, 2015

Jim Debakis will Run for SLC Mayor

It is unusual that three of the four contestants in the run for SLC Mayor are Democrats that have all played important and mutual roles in the progress for LGBT people in Salt Lake. Mr. Debakis is the only openly gay member of the Utah Legislature. Jackie Biskupski was the first openly gay person in the Utah legislature. A third challenger, Luke Garrott, another Democrat, is striving for mayor. Ralph Becker was supportive and present during several LGBT rallies, events, and marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. But the challengers criticize some of his actions, including prison relocation, raised sales tax, and other alleged "shady" practices.

All of the candidates respect and appreciate several aspects of the others, but feel their ideals are more suited for the next mayor. It is interesting that Salt Lake has had democratic mayors since the 1970s. It shows how much more of a liberal city SLC is compared to its saturated conservative, Mormon state in general. Two of the four, including the current two-term Mayor Becker, will become one of two to advance to the general election on November 4 this year.

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