Monday, April 6, 2015

Obama Visits Utah, Meets with LDS Leaders

President Obama came to Utah for the first time on Thursday, 4/2. Although his primary purpose was to propose a new Solar Energy program for Vets, he met with different leaders Thursday night in the Sheraton Hotel in downtown SLC, including a handful of the leading LDS apostles: Henry Eyring, Dieter Uchtdorf, Tom Perry, and Todd Christofferson. The LDS President, Thomas Monson, was unable to attend to reserve energy for the LDS Conference the coming weekend.

Although details of what was actually discussed in the meeting were not released, what was expected to be discussed were the disaster relief efforts of the past, other humanitarian and service it has provided, the immigration system, and other nation-unifying topics.

It is notable that in the last few months of Obama's presidency, he is making extra efforts to unify the several loud and differing voices across the nation.

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