Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Utah Rallies For and Against SSM

In recognition of the Supreme Court's hearing on the same-sex marriage case, both Utahn supporters and protesters rallied separately for their causes yesterday, April 28th.

Same-sex marriage supporters stood on State street near Piper Down Pub holding signs asking cars to honk in support of same-sex marriage.

On the flip side, a reported 100 traditional marriage supporters gathered in the Capitol Rotunda for speakers, musicians, and political figures to exclaim their right to prevent alternative or "counterfeit" families from having government recognition via majority vote.

Believing that judges shouldn't overturn the will of the people, traditional marriage supporters exclaimed the sanctity of marriage was being trampled by the "gay agenda".

The question is, where do one's rights begin, and another's end? Is it a religious person's right to vote away equal opportunities for family and happiness for others they believe are living in "sin"? Does a same-sex couple's ability to marry infringe on the religious heterosexual couple's happiness? Does it prevent them from living their beliefs and their religion? Is their religion being oppressed and governed unfairly by allowing equal opportunity to others not like them?

It seems to me that "Religious Freedom" is a disguise for religious oppression and dominion.

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