Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kate Kelly, Ordain Women Update

Nearly a year ago, Kate Kelly, founder of "Ordain Women", was excommunicated by her local church leaders, influenced by higher up leaders. She was removed on the grounds of apostasy for leading others astray from core church principles.

Ordain Women was a grassroots effort to rally members that believed that women should have equal treatment and opportunities in the church, such as the priesthood and leadership positions. Currently, only LDS men can hold the priesthood, and only LDS men can hold significant positions such as bishops, stake presidents, and apostles.

Kelly is now in Kenya working on human rights efforts. During an interview at a bar in NYC, she told listeners her experience, the pain of the excommunication, and the happiness and freedoms she feels since her removal. She still believes in and fights for the equal rights for women in the church as much as possible, but being relieved from things like temple garments and church responsibilities has been healthy.

Kelly was nervous that Ordain Women would fizzle out once she was removed from the church, but to her surprise, it has gained momentum as a result of the church's discipline with her. Despite the fallout from loyal church members, many have joined the cause. Even her parents, excommunicated for their support, shunned, and subjects of mailbox vandalism by disdaining Mormons, stand by their daughter for the cause.

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