Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kentucky Clerk Attempting to Reverse Court Decisions

Kim Davis of Kentucky is now working with lawyers to reverse the decisions that put her in jail, put her in contempt of court, and forced her to issue licenses to same-sex couples.

Is Ms. Davis in the right to project her beliefs onto her elected and tax-payer paid position and affect the rights of other citizens?

The rage continues from the religious right, saying it is First Amendment rights being trampled when a person is jailed for their beliefs. But Davis was jailed for not fulfilling her court-ordered duties, even if the reason was religious.

Were Davis's actions a plan from early on to start a fire for a religious agenda? If she wasn't elected, she could simply be removed. But he must either resign (which she refuses) or be impeached by a vote, which isn't likely to happen in a small conservative community. The situation is very unique and brings to question whether it was orchestrated by either her or another conservative entity.

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