Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mass Resignation from LDS Church

In an organized protest Saturday, thousands of people marched around temple square, signed papers prepared by a local attorney, and mailed their resignations from the LDS Church, demanding that their names be removed from the records of the Church.

Although the large majority of the resignations (known from Facebook polls) were already inactive or non-believing Mormons, the number of members reported by the church would still be affected. That is granted that the church membership records truly do deduct these resignations from their reports.

Church leaders and PR reps state that this is a minor resignation event, and the number of the church are still growing, higher that ever. What the LDS church does not report is the number of recent baptisms that go inactive soon after joining. One only needs to look at the number of stakes and wards to truly determine the growth of the church. A certain amount of "priesthood holders" is needed for each unit. In addition, a count of attending members each week is the main factor in deciding whether a new unit need be split, dissolved, or added.

Although the church membership appears to grow, the number of growing units does not match up. See the link below:

This is only one event, whereas several individuals across the US are resigning as a result of the newest policies and the facts released by the church and others that don't match its teachings.

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