Tuesday, November 10, 2015

LDS Leaders Defend New Policies

In response to the backlash, LDS leaders are staging interviews to attempt to clarify the new policies in the local leader handbooks. The policies prohibit children of same-sex parents from receiving a name and a blessing or being baptized, declare same-sex cohabitation serious transgression, and same-sex marriage a form of apostasy. Furthermore, these children must disavow their parent's relationship and never live in the same habitation.

The church wishes to clarify that the policy is meant to protect children, families, and the church from creating an environment of conflict. They hope this will prevent differences between church pressure and family teachings at home.

The message these policies send, however has more meaning than their declared purpose. Same-sex couples and gay people hear loud and clear that there is no bridge between Mormons and homosexuality. The pressure is heightened for people to choose their church, or a life that fulfills their natural attractions.


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