Friday, November 6, 2015

LDS Church : Children of Same-sex Couples Excluded

The second of two leaked policy updates for local LDS leadership, the Mormons have announced that children of married or cohabitating same-sex partners may not recieve a baby blessing and name, be baptized, or recieve any other ordinances that it provides.

Such children, whether adults or not, may not be eligible for these practices unless (1) they are of legal age--18, AND (2) they move out of the home of same-sex parents/guardians and disavow the practice of same-sex marriage/choabitation.

LDS spokespersons say these policies are to protect the home and church from conflict between what children are taught at home and what they are taught at church. Similar policies exist with children of polygamous families, they say, attempting to merit the policy.

But what about children that are gay in the church? This announcement removes all hope for combining their inherent and immutable sexual feelings with their upbringing, family, and future with being a Mormon. This conflict is already prevalent, but now will worsen with more depression and teen suicides. Also consider the gay Mormons that are adults, especially those in LDS schools like BYU. They no longer have hope for a life with a same-sex spouse and children while keeping a relationship with the church.

Punishing children for their parent's actions (that are only subjectively immoral by decree) is what the LDS church states is necessary.

There are already cases where gay parents sharing custody of children in the church are fearing that their children will not be able to serve missions, be baptized, ect, or even worse, are forced to reject the gay parents in order to follow their LDS plans.

The Trevor Project, as well as other suicide hotlines, saw a triple increase in calls the day after the policy was leaked. Some of these hotlines specialize in homosexuality and religion.

Although the news has not reported it, there are several parents who have children that have attempted and/or been successful at suicide since the policies were made public.

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