Friday, March 14, 2014

Fred Karger and Facts about the LDS Church's Political Involvement

The Mormon Church and NOM can’t put me out of business

by Brig Bagley

14 March 2014

You may not know Fred Karger, but his attention to malpractice in politics has revealed several shocking truths. Karger, according to the article I will refer to, as well as Wikipedia, is a political consultant, former candidate for the Republican Nomination for US President in 2012, former actor, and a gay rights activist. The article of interest discusses how the LDS Church and NOM (National Organization for Marriage) are at war to put the other out of business. 

Karger was skeptical when the LDS Church was so involved with Prop 8 in California that he filed an ethics complaint. The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) in CA investigated the church's involvement with the campaign. The church didn't report its donations, which came in several forms. This was illegal in CA. The FPPC prosecuted and investigated the LDS Church for a year and a half, after which the church plead guilty on 13 charges of election fraud. The church was fined. According to the article, this had never happened before.

NOM is another LDS church appendage designed to kill any progress on gay rights. It was headed up by none other than the son of LDS Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland. Several other wealthy and prominent church members sat on NOM's board, including anti-gay fiction writer Orson Scott Card. NOM has spent millions on lawsuits and campaigns to shut down laws and movements that promoted equal rights for LGBT people. In hopes to shut down Karger, NOM has targeted his business hoping he will scare away and back down. Karger assues that will not happen.

If you weren't already enraged with the LDS church, this should surely shake you up. Not many know the specifics of the backlash the church experienced after the fallout of Prop 8. It is clear from its silence on the topic, that it won't be taking any brash steps in the same direction again anytime soon. The fact that it plead guilty to election fraud (breaking California Law) and got so deeply involved in politics, despite its claim to remain politically neutral, should question anyone's faith in the religion. How could an "inspired institution" mislead so many and expect to get away with it? These are tell-tale hints that the LDS church is on its way to becoming the cult its members work so hard to declare that its not. If it wants to survive, it needs to protect its own internally. Preemptive strikes against society aren't becoming of God's true church.

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