Thursday, March 20, 2014

ONE Wasatch: Interconnecting 7 Major Utah Ski Resorts

by Brig Bagley

20 March 2014

It's time to deviate a little from the usual politics that I cover here. It's the first day of Spring--and a beautiful one at that. Even if it is chilly.

ONE Wasatch is a concept that wishes to connect Big Cottonwood, Little Cottonwood, and the Park City Ski Resorts for a 7 resort experience. It would be the only of it's kind in North America, and could even be one of the best skiing experiences for 1 ticket in the world. No plans are in place yet, but the momentum has reached a serious level.

The main concern is how the connection would affect human-powered skiing activities. Individuals interested in these activities may be disrupted or deterred by the lifts. There is some doubt that the connection would improve the skiing experience in Utah as well. If the cost and limitations (time range validity) of the tickets are too much, few people would consider utilizing the connection. Most resorts are too large to explore in 1 day as they are now. A connection pass would need to extend over several days to be worthwhile. Luckily, all lifts would be constructed on private property, saving a lot of political problems.

Another concern is how to ensure a skier can get back to his/her origin resort once parks begin to close. Connections would need to continue until relatively late and allow easy access to the base of each resort.

However, if this concept does turn into a plan, it will likely be well thought-out and an outstanding opportunity for locals and visitors to experience one of the best activities in Winter Utah.

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